Sunday, 13 October 2013

Selecting Stylish Lingerie, Bra, Panty for Your Wife

Indian housewives are generally very conservative by nature and therefore when it comes to inner wear selection they are reluctant to think innovative about them. They just wear anything they are given by their husbands and don't ask for the ones which may look more interesting on them.

Selecting a bra for an Indian housewife or girl friend is generally never so difficult, as these women have the mind set that "who would see there inner wear", and therefore do not insist on stylish panties, or bras normally referred to as lingerie's.

If you want to make your wife really happy and satisfied try presenting her with stylish and sexy bras and panties because all housewives do want to wear something new and something that creates a hot image on them.

Below given are examples of stylish under wears, bras and panties which would hopefully give you an idea regarding how to select the stylish and modern bras or panties for your wife, let's examine them all:

 The above yellow lingerie looks really cool on this plump woman, it's light, sleeveless and quite comfortable with a stylish appearance.
 The Indian housewife shown above wears an interesting semi transparent lingerie, very soft, gentle on her body.
 The pinkish bra and panty wore by the above girl has curvy frills at the border providing a very cozy look on her.
The black semi-transparent bra and panty gives an amazing look to this shy, innocent Indian housewife, a best for for her slim body.
 If your wife possesses the above kind of fluffy body, don't be depressed, you can still present her with a stylish looking undies as shown above.
 The above Indian girls hides her face and yet reveals her great body well placed inside the black bra and panty, great looks.
Another great stylish lingerie set can be seen wore by the cute housewife above, the sleeping beauty feels cozy in those inner wears.
Another cool bra, panty set can be witnessed in the above image, the color is light Violet, semi transparent, great way to make your wife feel proud with such inner outfits
A shy yet confident look over her face could be possible simply because of the hot red nightie wore by this Indian wife.
Fat yet cool, the above Indian wife shows her great body inside silken pink bra and short like panties.
If your wife is too adventurous, you can gift her this type of extremely innovative and stylish bra panty set, the leaf shaped design well suits this gorgeous Indian housewife. Most suitable for modern, rich housewives.

The above shy, homely Indian housewife, reveals her beauty inside her favourite blue bra, her panties are also perhaps of the same color but being an Indian middle class wife she feels shy expose them.
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